41 Steps
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jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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Escaping the pain

41 Steps

Growing tired from all the running, Tired of the madness in the rabbit hole that surrounded her, Controlling every step.

Wanting to hide in that room she always kept dark and cold, Like the pattern of her heart and soul, She was broken to the core,

She couldn’t escape the thoughts racing round and round like the colors of a lollipop, Attacks of panic consumed her being like a child screaming.

Needing to escape... See the sun, Find some hope, Her legs wouldn’t move.

Everyday a blur of imaginary lights, sounds and chaos, She was stuck... If....she could just open the door to take a deep breath of fresh air, Would that make her sane?

Is the world so scary or is it her mind? Lost in a dream of what’s real anymore, Promising herself one day she would take those 41 steps, Just to the door.

Magnified of an image of hope, what could be, and not what it is, Slowly her legs began to move, Her minds storm became just a sprinkle.

Wanting to feel more alive she cried, So she peeked out of that dark room and took in the sights below, As the sounds in her mind we’re starting to become a hum.

41 steps Is all it would take, To help this pain break.

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