30 States Away
30 States Away  whistle stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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A love astray

30 States Away

Her heart ached beyond repair, Missing her love who was no longer there, Thoughts were blocking her sight, She cried herself to sleep at night.

Meeting in the oddest of ways, Four years ago by chance on the train. They had a passionate romance of pure bliss, That of one in a novel that can’t be dismissed.

One month ago he had to move away, A job he couldn’t refuse in Tuscany. Both thinking she would follow shortly after, She was hit with a financial disaster.

Forced to use her savings to dig her out of the bottom, Having no money to move became the problem.

Talking on the phone wasn’t enough, Desperately missing his kisses and touch. Months had passed she started saving again, Thirty states away she longed for him.

She was finally able to move after a year had passed, Hopping on that same train they met in the past, Hearing the whistle blow she would be home at last.

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