10 years...
10 years... affection stories

jemise78 twisted mind, huge heart
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A Valentines Day anniversary

10 years...

He licked his lips, It took her by surprise. There eyes then locked, She panicked in shock.

He started to approach her, She looked but no where to go. As he approached he simply said “Hello”, She replied back with a shy “Hi”. Then the conversation grew taking them both by surprise!

He had dark hair with deep hazel eyes, He was perfect in all aspects of the definition of a guy. They exchange numbers on the that night they meet, As the evening came to a close he was so sweet.

An evening to remember on that Valentines Day, Can you believe we are still together today? Ten blissful years have past, We beat all the odds of those who said we wouldn’t last.

They loved with so much affection no one could touch, As they were always just enough .

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