The Beginning of Fear
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A heart-pounding oneshot thriller of the first time for a killer the world will know to fear.

The Beginning of Fear

One Faithful Night…

It is finally happening, the wait is over.

It’s a cold night but the fast rate of my beating heart filled my body with a rush of hot blood that kept it alive, like being bathed by the sunrise for the first time.

You will always remember the feel of heat taking over every part of your body; warming, inviting, and frightening.

I adjust the strap of my backpack, trying to ease my shaking sweaty palms. They are shaking from the excitement I am about to explore.

While I rub my hands together for friction, I go over my plan again like I had done a thousand times before now; it is perfect if all goes my way.

I have been anticipating this moment for the past four years and the thought of it being realized is so exciting I am drooling from pure anticipation.

I have had enough practice but still, this is my first big catch, I am afraid at the same time confident.

And it is starting.

As I wait in a dark corner,

I mark my prey as she walks out of her building across from me; she is ready for the harsh winter night in a bright yellow coat that reached her ankles hiding her precious body from the cold.

But I know what lay beneath that coat; nothing. A smile spreads across my lips thinking of the heavenly things I am going to do to that body.

It is pure bliss!

I make my way to follow her as she steps into the sea of people going their way,

making sure I am few feet away from her to easily blend with the crowd on the sidewalk at the same time keep my mark.

As she moves through the crowd I keep my tail on her, my heart pounding with each step I take, increasing the adrenaline rush.

She makes a turn to her right to a narrow alley like I know she would. The alley leads to a less crowded street.

Her destination is two more blocks away but I know the perfect spot to catch her attention.

She crosses over to another alley and I follow, keeping a good enough distance but it seems she has noticed my presence because she quickens her pace; just at the right time. Good.

I have been keeping tabs on her for the past week like this, playing our little game of cat and mouse.

I smile to myself. No matter, she is going to be my special guest tonight, she won’t get away, I won’t allow it.

Once she reaches the end of the second alley, she will cut to a dead-end street and quicken her pace to almost a sprint, as usual.

I let her be, watching golden locks of her hair that escaped her black beret bounce with every skip. I know she won’t turn back for the fear has already taken over her.

The thought of this makes my grin grow wider; I have instilled fear in someone. This is getting better than I hoped for.

I watch her pass the alley into the deserted dead-end street, her destination was just at the end of the road, in plain view. She must feel a sense of relief at the sight of her end.

No matter I have reached my end too as I cross over and cut into a small alley by the side. The road is closed and at the end is a thick shrub.

what most people don't know is that the shrub hides another path that leads to the last house on the street.

I made my way through the path and the old houses, being as quiet as possible so as not to alert anyone of my presence.

It's quicker to get to my stop this way, I have almost a minute to get ready.

I find myself in another shrub beside a four-story building, our destination.

My prey would have to pass through the small cluster to get to the building.

I steady myself at the edge, hidden by the thick shrubs but easy enough for me to see through the shadows at what is coming ahead.

I see her coming ahead. She is as gorgeous as ever, the dim streetlights are not doing her beauty justice.

As I lie await for her in the shrubs, I pull out my face mask to cover my nose and mouth but not my eyes. I want her to see and recognize them.

What would be her expression? Dread, anxiety, or complete loathe for me?

The last minute seems to draw.

The sound of her heels on cracked concrete gets louder with each click as if they are counting down the last seconds with me.

The silence of the heels deafens every other thing but my heartbeat.

With hands ready, everything looks slow as she is within my radius. The air, my breathing, my beating heart, her steps.

This is it!

Five, four, three, two…


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