The Darkness In Me
The Darkness In Me sadness stories
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jellybean_02 Community member
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A bunch of poems to make you understand just how bad some people can feel sometimes.

please don't copy them as i wrote most of them myself apart from the odd one or two.

The Darkness In Me

I used to smile everyday, I used to behave in a joyful way. Now i stay and cry all night, No longer can i stay in this fight. The silent screams that shook my soul, Reminding me of the gaping hole. Screaming for a saviour, Wanting happy behaviour. Make the world bow it's head in shame, Because society is the one to blame.

I've cut in my wrists, I've cut in my thighs. You know i'm in pain, It shows in my eyes. I'll scream out, Waiting for you. So I can know, That promise was true. Save me now, Save me please. Put me down, Put me at ease.

Life is like an illusion, An illusion that won't go away, It shows us where we could be, But still its just the same, We sit and hope for happiness, Every single day, Just to find its all too hard, To love and trust again. The fear of loving once again, is Hanging oh so close, It makes me wonder is it worth, Or should i let it go, I look inside and see myself, Beaten and broken down, 'Cause loving you is splitting me, The fear has come back around.

Today my heart just died, Now i'm all alone. Silent tears roll down my face, When no one is at home. The way you look at me, I feel like you don't care. Why is life so cruel to me? Why is it not fair? Does love always feel this way, Or is it just my luck. That every time i look at you, It makes me want to cut. So i stare at this knife, With an urge i can't control.

Waiting for death to come, And it finally takes it's toll. The time has come for me to say, The words i'll always fear. For they won't be spoken, If ever you are near. There's many things i want to tell you, But i'm always so confused. For what i want you to hear from me, Is that the one i love is you.

Slit your wrists, Cut your thighs. Fake a smile, Dry your eyes. Hate yourself, Hate your life. Welcome to my world of lies.

Melancholic mind, Fragile like flowers, Dismal days a grind, He counts the hours. He sits on the ledge, Breathes one last deep sigh, Looks down from the edge, and waves the world goodbye.

I wish you knew the way I felt, Every time I looked at you, I wish you knew my heart would melt, When I thought of me and you. I wish you knew the pain you caused, When you chose to love someone new, I was about to tell you but then I paused, When i tried to say, "I love you..."

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