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PART 1 - CHAPTER 1 Jamshednagar…a remote station…hard station….fuck me man…. Jamshednagar….a normal human being cannot even see it on India’s political map….

ADIVESH...... vishu......


Jamshednagar… A remote station…hard station….fuck me man…. Jamshednagar….a normal human being cannot even see it on India’s political map….

i don’t remember what sin I did whose punishment was Jamshednagar…I’ll die single here or else will date some village girl and will have rough and wild sex with her

These were the peculiar thoughts that were coming in my mind when I saw my transfer letter. I was being transferred from Cherapunji to Jamshednagar, Gujarat. Life was going to be sordid for me.

From a remote and hard station to a love station, things took a complete reversal for me when I met her, Akanksha Sharma, HR Officer Jamshednagar. She was the one who was destined for me.

Her way of looking at me…the way she drinks…bloody drunked soul…her driving skills…her dance moves…those weird moves that she performs once she is drunk..

mole on her left cheek…her eyes…and above all ….her smile…. Everything made me fall in love with her. An independent women…furious feminist….

dominating…the kind of girl I always wanted to have a relation with..

Thank you Akanksha Sharma for bearing me…I promise to love you all my life…I promise to keep you smiling…and yes I know you don’t want to be dependent on someone,

but still I promise to protect you till my last breath…I will stand by you no matter what the situation is…

This is only for you…just to tell you how much I love you …

With Love

Bakhtawar aka PP 

Chapter 1 – I THINK I LOVE YOU

It was civil twilight when I saw her for the first time.

Standing outside ship’s office, holding a bunch of files (files are mandatory for Logistics Officer…it shows how hardworking he/she is…), wearing red spectacles

Good evening sir she said

Hie…good evening I replied

Is Manager still in workplace or he left ? I asked

No sir.. sir just left she replied

Ok byeee I said and like a idiot I went out from there.

I should have talked to her. There were so many things to ask, but no, I am from delhi…attitude matters to me the most. Before running from that place I noticed one thing….

a mole on her left cheek…

That day I didn’t find her that cute but that mole did some hormonal imbalance in my body. Before ships office, I saw her many times sitting in her cabin. Always surrounded by people

BC she is the only one working here …I thought

I was new in that station, and being introvert in that place was like toping on a pizza. After coming back to Nelambada I decided to go fo a run.

I just hate running but there was nothing else I could do. In Nelambada sunset usually occurs by 1945 hrs.

It was around 1950 hrs and I was trying my level best to run when I saw an ambulance coming by. The ambulance stopped and Akanksha got down. ‘Bc konsi service me ye….

8 baje tak kon office me rehta hai….’ It was then when I decided to run on this road as her house was just in front.

She might also see me someday running aur madhosh jo jae wo meri ye athletic body(sarcasm) dekh k…I thought

Days passed by and one day I was sitting in TL's cabin when Kanak( a Civilian Steward) came inside and took permission from TL sir for arranging lunch.

Sir said yes and within a minute there were 4 plates kept in front of us.

Bc 4 plate kis liye Exo asked

Sir Akanksha maam ne bola h ki unka lunch bhi wahi laga de Kanak replied

Bc ye kya baat hai…usko to puchna chahie tha na sir…senior h hum dono…how can she order …..bc sahi chutiyapa chal raha h … I started murmuring

After a few minutes Akanksha and Nancy (Medical Officer) came. All of us were having lunch, basically three. Mujhse nahi khaya jaata aise bc formal tareeke se khaana.

Jab tak thodi si sabzi kapdo pe na gire tab tak to pata hi nahi chalta ki kuch khaaya hai…so instead of eating I was checking out Akanksha and Nancy. Again some hormonal changes….

saala testosterones out of control ho rahe the.. it was Akanksha’s smile this time. I kept staring at her mole and her smile.

Lunch was over and both of them left and as usual I had no work to do so I was just sitting in Exo’s cabin.

After seeing her coming from ambulance I contined my running for two three days but then I never saw her. So my running also was over. Then I came to know that Akanksha is on leave.

She had gone to attend her brothers wedding.

I , vikram and Ambar sir (Exo) used to play badminton in the evening.

While going towards the badminton court , there was a time when my walking speed gradually reduced and my volume increased…it happened whenever I used to cross Akanksha’s house.

Kaisa chutiya tha mai…sochta tha aise karne se wo impress ho jaegi mujhse.

Now Akanksha was back from her leave, our routine of playing badminton and my chutiya harkat of speaking loudly when crossing her house continued.

Akanksha normally shaam ko phoebe ko ghumaya karti thi…sometimes it was Akanksha..sometime Nancy…

Phoebe urf phoebadu urf shonna baby urf shotu baby …Akanksha’s first baby…Akanksha purchased her a few months back from bhuj to overcome her loneliness…like a said Jamshednagar/Nelambada

me koi bhi akele reh reh k paagal ho jaata …. Akanksha was her dad and Nancy was her mom. Dono paagal the uske lie.

Agle janam mujhe shihtzu bana dio bhagwaan- Phoebe ko dekh k yehi dua maangta tha bhagwaan se.

Sorry for the diagression,

like I said Akanksha phoebe ko ghuma rahi thi and we were in basketball court when again something happened …this time it was her black upper and her shorts…again I started checking

her out….she has the cutest bums…..that mole…wo smile….kuch to gaddbad ho rahi thi….

because of my introvert nature itna openly baat nahi kar paata tha mai ek to Akanksha se…wo basket ball court was the best place where I could have started a conversation.

Sab kuch theek chal raha tha..all three of us were talking and then surinder ( our manager’s son) came. Bc pata nahi bhagwaan se kis mood me kismat likhi thi meri….

both (me and vikram) of us ran away from that court. Akanksha was still standing there and she saw us going.

The reason behind doing this act was surinder always come and spoils our badminton game. This time also he was coming…saala fir se Khacchar aa gaya….

the moment vikram said this…we ran…and conversation ki to matlab maa behen ek ho gayi….

That’s all in chapter 1 of Adivesh. If you enjoy reading my story please let me know, I will upload all other chapters also….

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