My Hero
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Thoughts of my hero, Jacob.

My Hero

by jedi0101

My hero: the one I could always depend on; the one who was always there for me, even in my darkest hour

A hero is defined as someone who is idealized for courage. Well, my hero was much more to me than that.

He was, in a way, everything. He saved my life numerous times, both from myself and other people and forces.

My hero, Jacob. My life. My everything.

Heros are known for their strength and courage. Sadly, their strength doesn't always measure up to the challange at hand.

Jacob is no longer with us.

He is valiently defending people, as he did on earth in heaven.

I admired him for his strength. He was able to help me through my darkest days, even though he was battling his own demons himself.

My hero, Jacob, was a true hero.

No, he is a true hero.

He is still doing his duty heaven, as he did on earth.

So, I have one thing left to say.

Thank you, Jacob.

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Even though this was a woeful tragedy, you expressed it in a tender and positive way. Great poem!!!!!!