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The Disturbing Tale of Mary Anne

Mary Anne

by jedi0101

Mary Anne- a name that strikes fear into the hearts of those who know her story.

Mary Anne- the most brutal person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.

She isn't like most horrible people out there, for she made her own little corner of maddness.

She doesn't have the typical "monster" appearance, but sometimes the most horrid gifts have the most beautiful packages.

A girl, no younger than 18, with crystal blue eyes and light brown hair couldn't hurt a thing, right?


That girl that was described was Mary Anne, and she is anything but innocent.

She has done horrid things to good people.

She was caught in the act of one of her "stress relief" times. Her stress relief was torture and often times murder.

She was messed up

She was the typical highschool cheerleader until her " extra-curricular activities" where brought into the light

During her trial, she admitted to her crimes, but only due to the fact that she had been caught red-handed.

She admitted to the murder of twelve individuals. Police could only locate two of the bodies, due to Mary Anne's refusal to cooperate

She was messed up, but she messed up.

She accidentally allowed one of her victims to escape.

This victim went to the police and told them of Mary Anne's doings.

Mary Anne haunted her mind long after the arrest took place.

Mary Anne's escaped victim was me.

Now do you understand the terror behind the name Mary Anne?

Good, now hide like I am.

She just escaped prison

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