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Poorly written story about the tragic fall out of love

Lost Love

by jedi0101

Love is a beautiful and precious thing to have the privilege to obtain. It keeps you grounded. It makes you whole.

The one I love is amazing. He is everything that anyone could want.

He, Andrew, is my everything. He is my love- the love of my life.

But, one day, he changed.

I can't describe the change, for I do not know what happened either. All that I can put into words is that he became a cruel and insensitive man.

This new persona was completely different from the caring and loving man I fell for.

He changed.

He was no longer the Andrew I knew and loved.

For he was now a monster in my eyes.

Though this was so, I stayed with him. I loved him, so why leave?

No matter how he changed, or how my view of him changed, I somehow still saw the bright eyed boy I met all those years ago.

I couldn't bring myself to leave.

"I love him," I thought as chaos ensued around me.

Chaos was now in my mind and surroundings, and it was torture.

This torture stayed with me for months, because I couldn't bring myself to leave. I still love him.

Then, he did the unthinkable.

He hit me.

He showed no remorse afterwards. He just continued with what he was previously doing.

I did what all should do...

I finally left.

I have been out through many different types of pain, but the fall out of love was the worst.

It felt, and still feels like my heart is being trampled over. It hurts worse than any other pain imaginable.

The fall out of love is a deathly fall.

And lost love is just as deadly

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