Broken broken stories

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In which a struggle between pain and heartache ensue.


by jedi0101

I am broken.

It is a common thing to say for me now. It is the truth, and though I say it so often, it still feels so foreign.

I am broken.

This phrase is the result of many circumstances. Many of these involve insensitive brats who know nothing.

I am broken.

This is me.

This was me.

I have changed. My heart, once easily shattered has hardened. It has become nearly impenetrable.

Am I broken?

I have been told to toughen up to avoid pain.

Is that truly the answer?

True, it has saved some heartache, but at what cost?

I haven't known the joys of laughter in months.

I haven't felt the warm embrace of a friend or family.

I haven't felt a certain emotion in months, maybe years.

What emotion is it again?

Ah, love. It is love.

What does that feel like again?

Is it warm and fuzzy? Or is it cold and dark?

I can't remember.

I have redeemed myself of my broken title, but at what cost?

I miss the feeling of love, though I do not remember it.

I miss joy, happiness, and mercy.

But, do I wish to have those back knowing that my former title will return with it?


I will remain as I am.

Cruel. Strong. Able.

This is me now.

I will renounce my title of "broken" no matter the cost.

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