Mother...Who is she?
Mother...Who is she? mother'slove stories

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Beth claims she's abused when she's still a kid by her mother, but when she has grown, she regretted it...Why?

Part 1

Mother...Who is she?

By JMikael

I'm home~ ... Honestly I'm not expecting any replies but... I still want to hear her say it's good I'm home safe.

What are you standing there for?! Come here! Cook dinner for me!

It has always been like this, since Dad died. Mom still thinks that I'm the one who killed Dad, just because his about to pick me up from school when he got into a car accident.

I'll get home from school, just to get bruises and harshwords from Mom even just because of the tiny mistakes i have done.

*Sigh, Can you even call this a home?...

What is this? It's too salty! Next time just add a pinch or two, then taste it, when it's still bland, add another. Its so simple, Why can't you get it right?!

I'm sorry~

Ugh! Forget about it, just go and clean the house, my friends are visiting! You better not embarrass me!

Again, I'm trying my best~ It's just~ *sobs

An hour have passed...

Moms friends are here... Better just stay in my room than to get scolded.

Beth! *calls

What Mom?

Here's some cheese Hotdog, your favorite~

Thanks Mom~ *Beth's POV Ugh! Quit acting so kind infront of your friends! But still... She remembers this is my favorite~ Ugh! What are you even thinking Beth! She's just showing off!

Moms friends are gone... Time to clean up...

Huh? Its clean?... What a show off...

Hey Beth, learn some manners will you! W-What did i do?

When we have visitors, you must go out and entertain them! But, aren't they your visitors? What? Your talking back now?! Do you want them to talk bad things about you?!

I had enough of you Mom! Your always hurting me! I can't even say if this is a home anymore! Are you even a Mother?! What?! What did you just say?!~

*Bang I didn't expect Moms reaction, i thought she's going to hurt me and shouts at me... But she just, stops and lock herself in her room...

When i got infront of her door, i heard her cry, I felt like, i hurt her. But i, myself, don't want to admit it.

*In the morning... There's already breakfast in the table, Just like everyday i woke up. It's a normal day. But i regretted everything that happen that day...

I decided to leave with my savings and a backpack... Mom thought I'm just going to school like usual... But she never knew, it's the last day she'll see me.

I left a note in my bed, saying... Bet you can have a peaceful life now Mom, don't worry about me, i can live for myself. -Beth

After that, i heard from my Boyfriend that my mother's really desperate to see me... Lots of Missing Posters of me are everywhere... But still, i ignored it.

After a year, my boyfriend left me, because I'm pregnant. I just turned 18 that year... I had nothing, so i decided to comeback to my Mom. I don't care if she'll accept me anymore, but i feel like, i really miss her, I want to see her...even just once...

I'm now 3 Months pregnant. Even though my baby is not born yet, i felt like, I've been with her for years... I felt like... No one can separate us. I wonder if my Mom thinks of me this way...

While thinking of that, I thought this is the right time to visit my mom... ... *knock knock

*Door opens... Hi...Mom?

To be continued...

Hi there... I'm new here... Hope you enjoyed reading my work. Thanks for reading this, Please wait for part 2... Keep safe everyone. -Author's note

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