Superman, You’re my Kryptonite


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jean_yochanan You are a gift to the World
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In Life sometimes, our strength is also our weakness......

Superman, You’re my Kryptonite

In Wretchedness, Afterlife is my Refuge

Elated, with the end at my sight.

At the edge of that bridge, I flew

I closed my eyes, I'm ready, and finally, I will be free.

But Superman You Came, You saved me from falling.

Incapable of Happiness, Again I seek my end.

With the Gun in my hand, I fear not to perish.

My fate is calling oh! I'm not afraid.

But Superman You arrived, You said you want me alive.

With your words I believed, I did try to live.

Every day I'm waiting for you for this life I'll share to you.

Now I have a reason After all I am not a poison.

At this same place I'll stay, to be with you someday.

Waiting is Pain, I'm waiting in Vain.

Superman, you didn't return after all the days I yearn.

In Tears I'm drowning, I seek no ending.

My Heart is Failing, I'm patiently waiting.

In Breathing I strive, I endure it alive.

On my deathbed I lie, Superman, Did you save me to die?

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