My Dream is to walk beside YOU.

      My Dream is to walk beside 
                               YOU. feelings stories

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When you truly love someone and all you can do is to be there for them and to accept them and know that your feelings can never be reciprocated but you still love them and wants them to be happy.

By: Jean Yochanan

My Dream is to walk beside YOU.

Looking at your back from afar.

Wondering If I will ever have a chance.

Wondering if you would ever notice.

Wondering if you already knew.

That I'm deeply madly in love with you.

I love you enough to let you be.

To let you do the things that you wanted to do.

To let you love the person you love.

To just, let you be.

While I walk behind you, I'm dreaming that one day

I could walk beside you.

I don't wanna change you, but somehow I'm hoping you will.

Still, whatever you do I'm already in love with you.

That will never change.

I'm not expecting for anything.

I don't expect you to love me back.

I don't expect you to change.

I don't expect you to choose me.

I just want you to be happy.

Co'z I'm the happiest when my LOVE is Happy.

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