The Spider
The Spider poetry stories
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jbrownexo Community member
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It is the little things that mean a lot.

The Spider

Upon a wall so distant from the one beside it

Amongst the books of wisdom, religion and law

There was A Spider

Its legs and eyes so tiny, yet so massive to all who stood witness to the world

Upon the sighting of the spider, i looked twice

i recoiled in the idea

Yet 2 minutes later, i had become the last being to see The Spider in its proper form

And when the sun covered the wall in the morning

there were no suggestions of a life once there

there was only a sheet of white, without any traces of scorn

yet my treachery to me was clear, the black and the red of my deeds pinned against the wall

i had laid claim to a land untouched

Its deed had no owner

And so, for The Spider i did mourn

So fleeting was time for one who had not taken nor had a side to take

And now i will work to rebuild the world for a figure so tiny

Yet so massive to myself who stood witness to the world

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