Ying Yang (Philosophy & Religion Series)
Ying Yang (Philosophy & Religion Series) poem stories

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Ying yang - I am the winter you are the spring. An, attempt to explain a Tao philosophy in a poem. hope you like it... Thanks for reading and the last line is a quote from vanilla sky.

Ying Yang (Philosophy & Religion Series)

Ying yang

I am the winter you are the spring.

Passion is the storm that can lift or break a wing.

Are you the husky voice and I the choir boy that sings?

Loyalty is the forge that melts or creates rings.

In synergy we are inspiring.

Relief is the darkness on a hot day.

One may chant but and one may pray.

You may speak but I will say.

Without silence can we listen?

The wind that can tare off rooftops

Can carry seeds.

A dandelion may look like a weed

Yet it is the main source of which a bee doth feed.

Looks can be deceiving.

Like the air that we are breathing.

See the union of darkness and light.

See that without the shade things ney shine as bright.

See that without the bitter, the sweet just aint as sweet.

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