Why don't you know?
Why don't you know? death stories

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The worlds not fair Its full of heartbreak and despair.
A Poem about the kind of dreams that makes you wish you had slept just a lot longer.

Why don't you know?

The worlds not fair

Its full of heartbreak and despair.

Unspent dreams for those who care.

Silenced lips for those who want to share.

Dreams where she doesn't know she's dead

Every night I'm haunted in a pleasant yet painful way.

These dreams make my heart heavy as lead.

And I carry these dreams through the day.

What leads her to be so misled.

Why is there so many dreams an array.

And I'm filled with dread.

Every night the same display.

The same things are said.

How can you be here when you passed away?

The words love you mate are not unsaid.

While we listen to our favourite songs play.

Then I begin to think she is overhead.

With black ravens in a fray.

Whenever I ask how are you here, she has already fled?

Maybe in the world of dreams the dead are here to stay.

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