Who are you to point the finger?
Who are you to point the finger?  poem stories

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An alliteration poem about using stereotypes and pushing ignorant beliefs upon people here in commaful and generally in the world.

Who are you to point the finger?

Conjecture curtails careful consideration of self

Candid scallywags crushing cagily against our mental health.

Caged by creatures screeching candidly across cyberspace.

Calling me incumbent callously and decreeing we a waste of space.

Overtly orchestrating abhorrent inauspicious slurs.

Ordering inconspicuous overt orations that deter.

Often Abhorrent offerings of stereotypes occur.

Often odd opinions ill thoughts ominously stir.

We wait wanting wickedness to wane.

Whipping whimsical whips from wobbling lips rain.

Wincingly wallowing in our own wacked minds remains.

Wishing wilfully, we all would say we are of the same.

Arduous ailments afflict us adversely.

And adamant adversaries annunciate stigma perversely.

All are eventually afflicted I astutely announce tersely.

Anyone around although at times asymptomatic, cries presumably.

Restful and relishing in rendezvous with writing and reading.

Really the ruckus and rampage of the riled to relinquish I am pleading.

Rhetoric rolls from rotten rolling lips, misery is feeding.

Rally the rambunctious to retire the raunchiest raucous so we can carry on breathing.

Dastardly demonising and dabbling in destructions way

Demeaning dulled ill fold as they decant the day.

Dubious if defenders deafened would just walk away.

Diligently do and diligently do not demean but would someone say.

Slippery slimy slithering snakes seeking to usurp unity.

Soon sharks shall slice and suffering sowed will return without impunity.

So, Kama a serendipitous soft source of justice shall sweep this community.

Set sights to seek such serenity that situated and sire the end of lunacy.

Stereotypes are never a weapon nor a joke to be cast. This community of writers and readers should be focusing on reading and writing rather than projecting their ignorance on to others and be more peaceful. Doesn't matter if you mentally ill/gay/a certain colour or a they.

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