Where my Love resides - Terza Rima style poem -
Where my Love resides  - Terza Rima style poem -  terza rima stories

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A Terza Rima on how love can always be there even when time goes by and you have not seen the person in long time.
(Edit of an old poem.)
(First Terza Rima)

Where my Love resides - Terza Rima style poem -

Always residing with you, My love Pearlescent. My love is like your sky, the stars cannot be seen by day light. The day eclipses them, like this my Love is still Illumine-scent.

My Love in a platonic way resides like the stars in the night. When I’m not there its like the day, Love is always to remain. This Love is there like the stars this is my heartfelt plight

Though the light eclipses stars above they reign There above you in life by day and night they preside . So, when you think of me never let love feign

Then Like the stars I do not hide Know Love is adorned to you all my friends So, know the Love that goes to all the pride.

This Terza Rima was a reword of this poem i wrote ages ago: The glistening stars are not seen in the day. So, think of this when I’m far away. The stars remain over you So, does my love like the stars My love remains When I can’t see you and you can’t see me Like the stars above there is my Love, Always.

I f you want to write a Terza Rima an Italian form of poetry the format is as follows. ABA, BCB, CDC, DED. I hope you enjoyed special thanks to @genevieve for teaching me this style.

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