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In the morning dew Dreams force reminiscing of people I once knew

A poem about how inspiration comes yet innovation seems to elude. And how people can be inspiration.

Where inspiration lays

In the morning dew

Dreams force reminiscing of people I once knew

Memories freshly renewed

As I sip my tea

I see that dreams are memories demonstrably

Weeping in the mind calling to be free

The subconscious is a complex phenomenon

To ignore it would be a catastrophe and wrong

But to allow it to take precedence would have the mind thronged

Thronged with memories and imagery of those, we, once did know

As the birds song nestles in my ear

I allow the greatest fear, to overwhelm me

Forgetting those people and pivotal moments

That are the proponents of who I am

Each making the whole of me yet merely a dram

A dripping consciousness seeping the words of those that came before

Like a melody of a choir singing through my quill

Whose words spill out on this page

But the peoples of whom I knew at my formative age

The first man to teach me the meaning of a stanza

The first women to enlighten me to a haiku

The first bonfire under the stars

Innovation can only be a part

Its inspiration that will never depart

These words exist

Like the memories of the people who taught me persist

I merely fit them together in an often rhythmical and rheumatic way

Some what like how my dreams replay.

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