When evil is allowed to Reign

When evil is allowed to Reign poem stories

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If only it would subdue. Left marked imbued.

When evil is allowed to Reign

If only it would subdue.

Left marked imbued.

Wounds and shame accrued.

In the light of the events ensued.

In shadows temptation protrudes.

Desire and want deludes.

Pain and indulgence a deluge.

Conscience late to intrude.

As resentment broods.

Destiny seemingly what we choose.

Thick skinned but still able to bruise.

Forgive our debtors or pay our dues.

Or face the guilt of judas' noose.

Never act on the devil's cues.

Calm collected kindness never obtuse

Yet when we are in want this we refute.

What's your poison, your Achilles heel?

The devil holds the cards waiting to deal.

His grasp flush against thy flesh.

Desire and want to misery are meshed.

If you have never danced with the devil you must be in jest.

We all dance with our demons this all attest.

When jealousy, bitterness, and desire we allow to infest.

When we lay these sins to rest.

No longer do we put ourselves under a trial some test.

Lingering resentment is left

And we curse the devil with every breath.

For our sainthood or innocence that we are victim of the theft.

Yet we still are clothed and dressed.

And in the cool of the day as we confess.

Our sacrament is filled with duress.

When we wish we had simply desired less?

Wearing guilt as our crest.

For we are all guilty of failing a test.

But tribulations will be brought before our last breaths.

And the dance with the devil will end in sins death.

Lest we forget the pain we sow.

When we let bitterness, desire, and jealousy flow.

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