What can a smile do
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What can a smile do for you? What can a sense of belonging be for you?

What can a smile do

Revelling and rising in elation that’s surprising. Kindness and a guise that’s dim. Every warm feeling with a grin. We humans long for intimacy in a plutonic way.

We long for it in a neurotic way. Searching night and day for a warm reception. Love is grown from its inception. With kindness as the belt. Warmth ever felt a smile as a mask.

The questions of belonging that we ask. At last we should know that these feelings will ever flow. And from the roots of kindness we can grow.

We take it slow although the haste of want is ever sought. As in this place we are taught. What place do I speak of but one of a new set of companions. It’s like when the 3 are made whole by Dartanian.

Though these are not musketeers they are family with warm ear and a big heart. So I ask of you the reader do not depart.

Stay and rest a while in the bosom of any smile that you receive. And when you get the chance do not leave. Stay and revel and be committed. Love is all encompassing and is not just allowed but permitted.

Thanks for reading -JBO-

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