Watch out for the dark winter days - Short story
Watch out for the dark winter days - Short story horror stories

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The night was a weary one. The boy looked out into the night sky not believing what he had seen. How could this be possible... Was it my imagination he thought. Did that really happen he considered.

Watch out for the dark winter days - Short story

The night was a weary one. The boy looked out into the night sky not believing what he had seen.

How could this be possible... Was it my imagination he thought. Did that really happen he considered.

He slammed on some heavy rock metal and subsided his worrying for the day. And didn't worry about class.

Though in the back of his mind what he saw loomed.

Earlier that day he and his classmates had been talking about twilight.

And his classmate said she loved Twilight and that those particular vampires were good and had the stigma attached to them. That it was lies that they were inherently evil.

That's when it happened everyone was looking down at their books filling the worksheet when the teacher took a swift and light bite of his classmate.

Just a sip but enough to give the teacher a grin and pleasure that resulted in a resounding smile on he and a quivering response from the student.

The boy asked, "did that just happen".

She replied, "I can't say if it did, I can't say if it didn't, but you have seen."

"Why can't you say" he replied.

"Then we are doomed" she replied.

So, as you can imagine this boy was distraught that night and confused. How could this be happening at his school he thought. Such a good school where people study hard, are comfortable and safe.

He was a small lad with a great deal of confidence in those days. And an ego to match.

A victim of napoleon syndrome one could say. Boisterous and cocky yet reserved and good at his studies.

So, no one would suspect what he would do next.

The next day he stayed late after school and wandered into the hallway outside the class where he had seen the incident that still haunts him to this day.

When he crept and peered through the opaque glass, he could see 5 of the young girls some from his class and some the year below.

Two of them were unconscious on the floor and the Teacher or demon I should say was towering over them.

The girls were in absolute fear they had been told that if they said a word their entire families would meet the harbinger and face death.

This he would soon find out.

He had serious anger problems deep inside this boy because he had not seen his dad for a number of years. So, now was his chance to vent.

He stormed into the classroom and lifted the heavy steel chair and wrapped it around the teachers head. The demons head.

He had watched Kill bill the night before so the only bible reference he knew was Ezekiel 25;17

"And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."

The boy had been taught to never kick a man when he is down. This was no man this was a horrid demon praying on young children.

So, he kicked him in the head until he lost consciousness.

The store cupboard was locked and there was another girl inside.

He unlocked the door and the girls began to cry with thanks. That's when the boys back was turned and the Teacher or demon if you will.

Regained consciousness and began to attack the boy from behind. The girls were no longer too afraid to scream for help.

Other teaches dashed down the corridor and restrained the demon and looked at the girls and the pools of blood.

And lifted the boy to his feet. He was lucky his class-mates were lucky. And to this day those teachers are the greatest heroes that boy has ever known.

The police arrived and told the boy about the special vampire hunting division and that it had to be kept secret so the investigation could continue into the vampire circuit.

The head teacher lapped up this news like a thirsty dog glad that his credibility was not lost.

It was later found that the head teacher's brother was a demon.

Anyway, the boy returned to school and got on with his lessons the next day with a smug sense of satisfaction that he had been a hero for one night.

Though the crippling memories degraded his optimism on life. And sometime later he was hunted again by the vampires.

Not a vampire hunter nor a hero. Just a boy just about strong enough to lift up a iron chair with an anger issue, that fermented under the exterior of a hard working boy.

The girls thanked him, and he said think nothing of it!

Some years later some of the girls mysteriously died with no one suspicious this boy knows the vampires are out there.

This boy knows they lurk in the schools, in the streets and in the darkest corners of your cities. This boy knows they are inherently evil.

Some attempts have been made on his life since. And he was lucky enough to become a man.

Rife with depression yet still more of a man than that demon would ever be.

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