Walk with me last spring
Walk with me last spring spring stories

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The field without a rivers edge The yield of petals sledge

Walk with me last spring

The field without a rivers edge

The yield of petals sledge

Down the grass and past the trees

The wonder brings one to their knees

Seized in the moment of sensory pleasure

The land and beauty itself a treasure

Sweet scents and sizzling sounds

Ingratiating footsteps on the ground.

Gasp a loud beauty is here

Every raindrop a joyful tear

Whispering winds wobble the willow

Ash trees make leaves for a pillow

Yet in the shadows of the trees

Even there nature begins to please

Rustling rabbits returning home

Have this carrot I do hum

Flittering fox ears flop

In my pocket an apple plop

The fox does dance and rub his socks

As they feast happily nestled in the rocks

Hovering hawk overhead

The rabbit has no dread

Turns to the fox and they do smile

They were all full all the while

Rising red, white and pink roses

I hope to never see bull dozers

Trees are few though the sight pleases

And not too many flowers for hay fever sneezes

The path made yet naturally following

The echo of nature and man howling

Suburban countryside, so absorbing

Nature nurtured by man retorting

Snails sleeping bumble bees leaping

Spiders creeping moths seeping

Frogs diving oh so deep

More than one ripple in a pond

Colours of all the spectrum

Occasional musicians and their plectrums

Rising light and falling day

Be it nature or man music plays

Multiplexity of nature talking

Love birds comfortable and walking

Rivers rushing and rhythm gushing

Hedgehogs rolling and badgers pushing

In the wild spring garden

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