Twisted Tongues and Hateful Sneers {The Shadow Priest} (Serial)
Twisted Tongues and Hateful Sneers {The Shadow Priest} (Serial) ogresfield stories

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Welcome caster to another tale aside these flames. Your eyes may be growing weary at the sight of the flickering flames and all that is entailed within these tales. This story is about arrogant ignorance. Long had the shadow priest beheld notions of ill contempt from the ignorant.

Twisted Tongues and Hateful Sneers {The Shadow Priest} (Serial)

Welcome caster to another tale aside these flames. Your eyes may be growing weary at the sight of the flickering flames and all that is entailed within these tales.

This story is about arrogant ignorance. Long had the shadow priest beheld notions of ill contempt from the ignorant.

In a town like Ogresfield you would be either one whom embrace all casters or a divisive source of hate. Thankfully the later was often few.

The sense of self is often skewed when faced with someone different. Casters fear what is different to them.

In the city of Lessercaster Mages, warlocks, druids any and all of them were fearful of the other.

When the shadow priest arrived it was at a most harmonious time the city had been a place of multicasterism rose award.

That is the city was commened for its tolerance for all peoples be they from Thornville or ney.

Of course, we all know difference is never black and white its rather grey. Casters have some things in common and others they do not.

It was one fateful night that the Shadow Priest learnt of the dark underbelly of this ostensibly serene cosmopolitan city.

It was a dark and wet night; the dampness filled the nostrils the old gothic building accosting in appearance. As, the lamp light cast harrowing silhouettes against the dim lit streets.

The Shadow Priest enrolled at The Lessercaster Academy was an open fellow filled with high hoped despite the darkness he had seen that we both by now know unless you are new to this serial

of tales.

The Shadow Priest had come into acquaintance with a Druid Mage a fine caster with a sense of courage that the Shadow Priest found enviable.

Though he was not from the land of Thornville and his Thorne tongue weak. They had gathered enough rapport to be more than acquainted they had a brotherly platonic love that echoed the campus.

Although they shared no classes they were often frequenting the local bazaar and adamantly teaching one another the moral lessons of life despite there absent ears and weak tongues.

Language was one barrier yet not an obstacle they spoke through the means of music and its resounding meaning.

This takes us to the night in question the damp fragrant night.

The night started out with a fantastic splendour the Druid Mage's lover had come to the city far from their land to make a merry and see the gothic night of Lessercaster.

The shadow priest wandered out of the nightbazaar with gleeful joy and waited aside the statue of the eldermage.

He had lost them amongst the sea of happy young casters of all magical persuasion fratanising in the moonlight bazaar.

So, he lifted from his pocket an herbal mix and ingested, he had had a lot of ale and wine and was feeling like he was flying a hypergriff.

Then suddenly a minotaur made his acquaintance though he had horns he had a human face.

They chatted for a while when suddenly the minotaur blew a malevolent concoction in his face. And began dragging him towards a Horse drawn cart.

The shadow priest had a boyish veneer the Minotaur a devilish one.

That's when the Druid Mage came bellowing out of the night bazar maiden in arms. And yelled Shadow Priest.

The minotaur startled by the Druid mages size and bellowing voice retired to the horse and carriage. The carriage was one of gold and silver a powerful caster this minotaur must have been.

With the Shadow Priests history of fighting evil who knows what they would have done with he let alone the boyish charms he had.

It was a narrow escape the shadow priest moment later collapsed to the floor. Realising it was Roottrees potion he quickly knew what to do.

The shadow priest administered shots of tonic spirit potion. And warned the Druid Mage that he would need some moments of rest.

The maiden looked on concerned though she was as strong as an ox like he the Druid Mage for there land made strength out of both sexes. They continued and reached the late-night bazaar Sapphire.

A seemingly beautiful place with a courtyard lit with many blue candles and a ominous glow filled their eyes. They dismissed the feeling of fear and pondered on.

They then perched aside the bazaar bar for a number of hours and frittered away many hours exchanging in broken tongues.

When suddenly the indigenous peoples of Lessercaster arrived and took no care for the tongue of these two kindhearted giants.

They pounced and began a relentless attack of casts and physical attack.

The shadow priest for the first time used his attacks on a mortal only in order to defend the two the maiden losing clumps of hair and covered in blood is rescued.

What is not rescued is the sense of welcome for all casters as the city had mandated.

You see sometimes people fear the other so much it turns to rage and sometimes people simply are looking to benefit themselves this night was a terrible one but a wakeup call to

the dark underbelly of Humanity and indeed the city of which our shadow priest had came to dwell.

As, he left the Sapphire bazaar escorted by the guards who had clearly seen their innocent part in the ordeal. He was coshed by an ogre who leaped through the air.

The shadow priest was unconscious on the floor and awoke to a lady screaming I'm a doctor he needs to go the clinic immediately.

He jumped to his feet and tried to speak but he could not he had a minor fraction in his jaw his tongue truly now was gibberish.

Yet the Druid Mage still understood they went to the clinic but the line was long and our shadow priest just wanted to remain in his dorm and enjoy a healing remedy.

The maiden and Druid Mage obliged they returned to the dorm and played some music and enjoyed further drinks and herbal potions.

The next day he went to see the healing shaman and discovered he had a minor fracture.

The Druid Mages Maiden whom he had gallantly defended from the horde of mortals thanked him.

The shadow priest replied I may have a fracture in my jaw but do not let it fracture our two peoples. I am sorry for the insulting behaviour of this city's mortals.

I am sorry that your tongue meant they were malevolent. Your language is beautiful your tone melodical and powerful. May you once again return to this land.

For language is a mere steppingstone to understanding. It is action that derives a sense of connectivity between people.

There interactions so very sparce yet having had defended this maiden the unbeknown to he princess returned to her land knowing that her lover was safe under the wing of the shadow priest

a man who knows actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes so few words can be said between men and women yet they can build a level of respect that would tower over the chattering of goblins.

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