To the People of Commaful
To the People of Commaful poem stories

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Ladies and gentlemen I seldom say thank you. I just wanted to say thanks to anyone whom reads my writes and that I really appreciate it!

To the People of Commaful

Ladies and gentlemen

I seldom

Say thank you.

Everyone who reads what I write.

You are the breaking light.

In my endless night.

If you think that's over the top that's alright.

Having my words considered makes me feel bright.

Like the stars that shine in the night.

I do not shine alone.

Everyone who reads what I write I never want you to feel alone.

This energy that you have bestowed upon me.

I want to return.

I want you to be the star that never ceases to burn.

You see everyone has a message a ray of hope.

Everyone a part of the collective yet indivually bespoke.

Everyone at some time a victim of a joke.

Everyone equal of the same yolk.

Everyone by the chaos of the world slightly broke.

I hope your self appreciation already has awoke.

I am no musician yet I can still write a note.

I try to make it clear the intrinsic value of everyone in everything I've wrote.

I may not be an artist, yet I can still lay a coat.

That maybe can help you see you are embossed.

With worth and value.

Some may accuse me of being narcissistic.

But I think its worth to say this.

Your intrinsic value is valued.

By me and many others platonically.

And if I could write you all an individual sonnet I would do so honourably.

Alas there is not enough time in the day.

So, at the very least I can thank you in this way.

Thank you commaful.

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