Thoughts on the Shadows, Thoughts on the light
Thoughts on the Shadows, Thoughts on the light poem stories

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A Poem that doesn't rhyme I hope it's ok. Is it poetic I hope so...

Thoughts on the Shadows, Thoughts on the light

Your mercy overwhelms me

This world cruel and unfair

Where shadows are like rays of light

There is a glimmer of hope and rectitude

It hails from the kindness of man

Even in the darkest night the moon can cast a shadow

And so, when times have been dark

I have seen the darker side of myself

And of humanity.

Even in the brightest day there are dark rooms

And so, I have seen times of hardship

Even in the hottest day there is snow covered mountains

And so, I have seen days with warmth and bitter cold.

Times when my spirit has splintered like ice.

Even the biggest grin can have a grimace within.

And so, I have learnt not trust wholeheartedly.

Although I have learnt to release my defences

As life is too short to not roll back the guise.

So, what of me now?

Well I guess I say I can smile

But the pressure on my lips is mounting

Will the frown commence

Or will one have victory over the shadows of depression once and for all?

Though a hollow victory it may be...

As after all

The dark rooms still exist

The snow covered mountains

And the shadows cast by the moon.

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