Those Dreary Days
Those Dreary Days  depression stories
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When things seem insurmountable And you feel accountable.

A poem about feeling overwhelmed with those dreary days

Those Dreary Days

When things seem insurmountable

And you feel accountable

When your mind is in a flurry

And your trying to piece together your life in a hurry

Yet you have things to do

And life's challenges ensue

Rising above the negativity

You ask what do you expect of me

On a cold night nestled in the street light

Or in the rain where the water

Hides your tears

Steering yourself from fear

You have to rise to the new day

In an optimistic way

Decree confidence

Take each day at time

And approach life a little nonchalant

With a flower in your hair

And a smile on your cheeks

Have optimism and reach

Until eventually those days become weeks

And pessimism retreats

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