The Werewolf in us all - Halloween poem
The Werewolf in us all - Halloween poem nostrils stories

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Werewolf Halloween poem. The anger in us all.
A bit late for the challenge but I'm trying to do every one this week.

The Werewolf in us all - Halloween poem

Nostrils flare




And trust

Emotions that must envelop a sense of unease

Step to me if you dare and please

When my nostrils flare

And my eyes glare

You better hope there is someone else there

For the night draws in

And loneliness within

Has driven this beast to its breaking point

Darkness and devilish desires anoint

Step back because what you see

Is what is hidden within all, including me

An animal with fists and claws

And I know how to open doors

When the moon is full and the stars don't shine

On the blood of the vampires I will dine

If there is no outlet for my agonising roar

Then the blood of human will settle the score

My werewolf Hyde is lacking pride

The humanity in the light of the full moon has died

All I know is bloods desire

To feast and set light to the funeral pyre

Baring teeth and claws

Listen carefully in the night for my roar

For it wont be a knock at your door

It will start with a scratch

And then you too will hatch

And transform

Into a werewolf until dawn

You will be scorned

You have been warned.

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