The Unforgotten Sunday {Theism series}
The Unforgotten Sunday {Theism series} poetry stories

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A poem to remind you that just because a reason to not believe seems so certain. It is not absolute. And that in essence atheism can be equally as dogmatic. And agnosticism is permissible confusion. God loves you give it a try... Whatever your faith I respect theism. And I respect all human beings.

The Unforgotten Sunday {Theism series}

So, you lost your faith

Was it taken by someone in an ill place?

Or by bigoted attitudes was you displaced.

What reason did you lay your faith to waste?

Did you simply for the temporal attain a taste?

Or did you suffer a life absent of grace?

Did you forebay your faith to save intellectual face?

Believing one person with a vendetta against theist belief.

Means that you have been victim to a heinous thief.

Be it from their ignorance or predisposition to ill ways.

Do you not miss staring into the sky with awe as you gaze?

Do you not think that god has missed you all these days?

Are you stubborn, set against returning to praise?

Are you immersed in a lost life a binge full haze?

Have you forgotten the kindness the prophet says?

Maybe its your lifestyle you think conflicts?

But with the notion of a god what in the end contradicts?

Do you miss the hope in the prayer when you light candle wicks?

The certainty and the meaning of life that once did stick?

Do you miss joyful immersion and page turning finger licks?

Do you feel like the cornerstone has turned to rubble and bricks?

Do you think it is as simple as a hopeless naive wish?

Have you forgotten that there is philosophy that underpins the theology?

Are you afraid that your creator will not accept your wholehearted apology?

Perhaps its that your life is a long list of mistakes a disappointing chronology.

And that is why you reside your faith in god to eulogy.

When god would open arms wide dutifully.

No qualms just open arms reaching beautifully.

The lost lamb and the prodigal son.

You would not be met with a shun.

As sure as the rising sun.

You would be welcomed warmly and with glee.

Won't you walk this road of faith with me?

If it is intellectual face and your rational and logic disagree.

You must remember great minds of science walk with thee.

The creator our innovating life force.

Whatever your theist source.

I call onto to you to realise elements of truth.

For part of faith is a step without proof.

But there is evidence do not forget that in your time aloof.

Attest your testimony and have god attested.

For it is not he who is sleeping it is you who have rested.

The signs of your beloved state and all that is blessed.

If it was bigoted views that ostracised you, from the flock, not everyone is like the rest.

There are some that herald faith for all no life choice best.

The core mechanics of Christianity is forgiveness and appreciation of your imperfection.

You need not seek a theological insurrection.

The core mechanics of the image of god the bible teaches affection for all.

If your faith reached a brick wall.

Look up there is no sky, yet there is a roof a shelter given in the mind's eye.

For faith must never die.

Return to the flock and you will bind with your brethren.

And forget all the things that are severing you from your faith.

Do not let your soul go to waste.

You have had a taste before.

Now it is time to knock twice on the door.

And be in communion with your creator once-more.

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