The Secret Island - Meditation -
The Secret Island - Meditation - poem stories
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The undiscovered beach Follow me across well-treaded sand.

The Secret Island - Meditation -

The undiscovered beach

Follow me across well-treaded sand.

Quickly now under these night stars take my hand.

Let the night stars guide us to the secret island.

The voyage will be gentle yet grand.

You will see your horizons expand

And you will see all the dreams you ever planned.

And how there not yet to desolation dammed.

Join me and the jolly yet lost and broken band.

So set sail on a cruise with me.

To a place where you can no longer bruise with me.

A place where you don't have to choose to be free.

This island is no ruse you will see.

Wait until you see the serenity that is in store.

Quickly now grab an oar.

Use your feet help us push the boat off the shore.

Listen to the sirens gentle lullaby and score.

Guiding us to the secret island remaining reclused forevermore.

Now look upon the stars as your guide.

Look at the glistening ocean at your side.

Oh, look at this marvellous horizon as it grows wide.

A tear not a drop in an ocean I know you have cried.

I need you to look back at the life we leave behind with pride.

Now look aside starboard bow.

Trepidation as at the island all emotions we allow

To flow, your free to feel the wind in your sails now.

No more feeling like a dog with your tail down.

Your one of the pack not bound for the pound.

look as it disappears the beach and the town.

Don't worry at any moment we can turn this boat around.

Yet look on the horizon do you see that mound.

It's the island, and we can soon touch ground.

And across the glistening sand we will bound.

Listening to the gentle whale songs sound.

And it won't be treasure of silver and gold that is to be found.

It will be serenity.

Indulge in masculinity or femininity.

Here there is no identity.

Other than an equal being.

Look the island are you seeing.

There is a warm camp-fire.

On the beach sublimely attired.

It doesn't matter if to yourself you've been a liar.

Here on the island you can reach higher.

As, if you were guided by stars so long you could reach the moon.

Now, steady your oar we are arriving soon.

Can you hear the stereo it's your favourite tune!

Listen how the acoustics echo upon the dunes.

We have your desert island disc imbued.

Because we are your friends dude.

Hear on the island there is nothing rude.

Say what you want say how you feel.

But never say this secret island is not real.

And then we can party until we keel.

For faith in friendship is the seal.

When you realise this islands in your dreams you begin to heal.

A place where memories and imagination congeal.

It doesn't matter where they are now your friends still feel.

A connection that is so real.

Send them a message in bottle here is a pencil.

Look at the stars the constellations begin to stencil.

Look at the glistening coral in the ocean.

Look back at all the things in life you've put in motion.

You are not alone, you hear with me on the beach.

Listen to my voice and the absence of loneliness I teach.

Can you hear my words or do you merely read?

In me you've got a friend indeed.

Here on the island there is no greed.

Look step into the ocean mind the seaweed.

Feel the waves rest and relieve your feet.

Think of all the good people you have been privileged to meet.

Now return to my side and upon the dunes take a seat.

Look to the stars your not alone.

Though they shine in the day they are drowned by the glistening rays

Of the sun...

Like the love of your loved ones.

There love is still there like stars in the day.

Guiding you to this island by the way.

Need not divide night and day.

The stars are the nautical guides that lead me to say.

Here on this beach you are welcome to stay.

Yet, this time of play must subside for the mainland bay you must return.

Soon is sunrise and the early bird will catch the worm.

Your free to come back here just follow the stars if that's what you yearn.

Before you leave let the island lay all your self-doubt to be spurn.

And then this message in a bottle is ready to adjourn.

Remember if you think you have not seen happiness you will certainly have your turn.

And if from your visit to this island just one thing you learn.

It's that your loved ones no matter where they be.

Sill love thee.

Both earned then unconditionally.

Now follow the footsteps in the sand

Follow me across well-treaded sand.

Quickly now under these night stars take my hand.

Let the night stars guide us to the mainland.

And if you ever want to return.

No one thing you must discern.

You are not just one grain of sand on a shoreline.

You are beloved and beautiful mind.

You will be gleamed! And more friends you will find!

This island and all your friends of the past, of this are a sign.

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