The Scent of a Devil in Disguise
The Scent of a Devil in Disguise poem stories

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A free form about how we can learn to recognise when someone has a toxic impact upon our feelings and social circles. A necessary and sometimes life saving skill to have.
If, I missed any red flags you think are important or feel affected by this feel free to comment below your thoughts. Thanks for reading in advance if you so choose, have a great day commaful!

The Scent of a Devil in Disguise

The stench of malevolence.

The scent of evil.

Tongues as sharp as needles.

How can we discern the smell of the maleficent?

It is in their passion's indifference.

If they show no sign of disdain to hate.

If they smile when someone is victim to events or words that berate.

The smell is innocuous when havoc they seek to create.

There are many different evil traits.

So, how do we discern the stench of a wrong one?

Perhaps they are repulsed by a love song.

Laugh without mercy or conscience when a person is gone.

Hate every animal ever born.

They treat life as merely a game and a person as their pawn.

Rhetoric, hateful backbiting in their speech they adorn.

They seek to have people separated and sawn.

They seek to tare at the fabric of someone's philosophy even when already hurt and torn.

They have a malicious guise that can seem so delightful to some.

So, we must learn to smell the stench as it hums.

Like catching the scent of a fire, a blaze.

It can stop destruction of relationships and joyful days.

We must learn how to realise the toxic peoples wicked ways.

Incredulous creatures crevasse communities curtailing companionship.

Like snakes among the wolves.

They prey among the weak.

Their methods oblique.

Yet the stench of evil still reeks.

There ill doing a thousand words it speaks.

No one is an inherently evil being.

But actions of some need to be cut in the bud like a rose.

So that the thorns in the side soften and the flower returns to the beauty it should always have.

Life is sacred, Don't let someone ruin the happy existence you deserve...

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