The Man I Ought To Be {A poem of insecurities}
The Man I Ought To Be {A poem of insecurities} poem stories

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A poem about societal pressures, gender expectation and body image. From a mans perspective. Media places a lot of pressure on women and in recent years researchers have found that it is starting to affect men too.

The Man I Ought To Be {A poem of insecurities}

Heart as forgiving as the spring.

Uplifting as an eagle's wing.

Body of chiselled granite

Mysterious as the night

Skin as tough as a dragon hide.

Mind as open as canyons wide.

Resilience like indelible ink.

Soul as deep as the ocean sinks.

As Sensitive as an orchid in bloom.

As skilled as a weaver with a loom.

As loyal as a doting swan.

As romantic as a love song.

Hardworking like a mule.

As enchanting as a jewel.

As protective as bear with cubs.

As delicate as a silk robe rubs.

As fierce as a thunderstorm.

As forgiving as a new year dawn.

As patient as fasting monastic folk.

As sturdy as a great oak.

Confidence of a peacock in plume.

As quenching of thirst as a monsoon.

As guiding as the north star.

As relaxing as a mountain spa.

As embracing as tight robes.

As refreshing as the scent of a rose.

Why I am not any of this...

Why do of these things I wish...

Desire to give a lady her bliss.

When in the world prince charming is amiss.

Pressure to be perfect both internal and external.

If only I could muster these and have them as my kernel.

Even if it was so brief and ephemeral.

Although hopeless images of perfection have no place in my journal.

I'm still left with desire and pressure to be more than I am.

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