That Lost Cable ( A Love Poem)
That Lost Cable ( A Love Poem) cable stories

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A short poem about love lost and love found.

That Lost Cable ( A Love Poem)

You are lucky if you find someone to complete your circuit.

Make that energy flow and tell you, "you are worth it."

Someone to be your earth wire keeping you grounded and free from shock.

Someone to give you more momentum than a mechanism of a clock.

High voltage and sparks fly emotions run and lights light.

The electricity keeping you warm and guided in endless night.

A current flowing in union between you both.

Engineering a love with eloquent words bespoke.

But sometimes the current is broke.

By lies, arguments, infidelity, or interference.

Even when to all measures of love, you have sought adherence.

Just wait for the right person to make an appearance.

Cause so many things can conduct your energy.

So someday you will find a person that offers synergy.

You can be a catalyst for one another's elegy.

And create a circuit safe and that thrives.

Then you will both know you are alive.

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