The Living Book (Choose life V)
The Living Book (Choose life V) poem stories

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Choose life Don't end it on a semi colon. You are a story kindle some strength in your soul find a reason to hold onto life. episode 5 in the choose life series.

The Living Book (Choose life V)

Choose life

Don't end it on a semi colon

Find a reason to hold on

Be strong and embolden your sense of self

Be prepared to admit your weak and struggle with mental health

There is so much more to be written in your book of life.

It's not always gonna be a time of sadness and strife.

Hard to believe I know when sorrow is rife.

Yet, you have to put down the knife.

Life's not a fairy tale maybe there is no happy ending.

Yet, what is in between is a life worth rendering.

Your broken mind is worth mending.

Sometimes you want people to get your subtext.

Sometimes people don't get you even in context.

That doesn't mean they should strive to understand you in retrospect.

Open your book release your cover.

You might find your spine is just as strong as others.

You might find solace in another.

You might bind like a book and find a new sister or brother.

You might be a hardback but inside you're a paper back.

Susceptible to the wear and tare of traversing this harsh earth.

Regardless your content of person is of the same worth.

Maybe your short and concise or a story of girth.

Regardless your someone who at some point will be delved into not skimmed or surfed.

Perhaps you're not a story but a scroll or manuscript waiting to be unearthed.

The point is you have to break the curse.

The story doesn't have to end it can get better, sometimes first it has to get worse.

But the story your life is writing ends when you enter the hearse.

No one likes a story with an abrupt and cold finish.

Do you really want your words to diminish?

Or will you be bold and hold on to see what is going to be wrote.

The epic life you could live or the misery that could build an epic quote.

Don't reduce yourself to be a side note.

I platonically dote.

You are a book and you are bespoke.

You may feel damaged, but I swear you're not broke.

You're still audible and it is time that of your worries that you out spoke.

You can't share your story of troubles, tribulations and struggles if you croak.

I know its hard to speak and sometimes we choke.

How do I know that because we are of the same yolk.

I've been to a pit of despair a different one to you; a lair of sorrow.

And from the courage of other books of life I had to borrow.

Until one day I could finally look to the morrow.

You belong on the shelf of the living.

Perhaps one day you will receive good tidings and you will even have thanksgivings.

And if you think for some reason that your story needs forgiving.

Humans are perfectly imperfect.

And this self-loathing you probably don't deserve this.

If, you think you do then write your own redemption.

In a blurb never can everything be mentioned.

So, those few good memories you have to pay them attention.

Those are the ones that must in your minds eye have their ascension.

Make those the pivotal chapters that characterise your story.

The painful ones you need not forget but don't let them define thee I implore thee.

Don't let the darkness in your tale win.

See that you are a book and you have the strength and resilience within.

To an extent affect your destiny and fill up your book to the brim.

Because suicide is never synonymous with fin.

It's ending on a semicolon;

People expect more explanation more detail.

They wonder why they have failed.

It's not glamorous and you will never be hailed a hero.

You will saturate another's story with fear though.

Give them emotions they can never understand or express only show.

In tear filled pages.

So, begin to approach your life in stages, see them as chapters that end.

Be like a softback, the same content as a hardback only bendable, adaptable to the situation.

See that the end should be a natural one that is the point of this reiteration.

And most importantly be open.

You are not broken.

Your just in a difficult chapter in your tale.

If, you can't yet see that maybe the writing is braille.

Because even in darkness, your story can prevail.

We need you to help write history.

don't resign your life to a hopeless mystery...

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