The Lady in waiting
The Lady in waiting remorse stories

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Remorse of lost time Gridlocked rhyme

The Lady in waiting

Remorse of lost time

Gridlocked rhyme

Flabbergasted in the sign

Of when two hands meet

The clock ticks like my heart beat

Remorse of lost time

Remorseful rhyme

The sand poured

And my heart roared

The beach now full of sand

A place we can walk hand in hand

You and I are an ampersand

For the lady in waiting and the lost time

The ones who eyes have a pearlescent shine

Eager in hope of a happy ending

Your dreams I seek to be ascending

The tick’s tocks clashing my ears crescendo

Now time is coming to an end though?

That beach we will walk made from the grains of time.

Waiting respectfully all the while all the time

And the sound of the clock will no longer be torment

It will be the instrumental to the forming of new memories and moments

Time is ticking the hands getting closer clicking.

Now listen to what is written.

I will find you in these fleeting moments

Remorse will feign

As we are united by the last grain

Of the hourglass

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