The Demon Hunter and the Lingering Stench {Shadow Priest} (12a)
The Demon Hunter and the Lingering Stench {Shadow Priest} (12a) shadowpriest stories

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It has certainly been a long time since we perched aside the flames to talk of the shadow priest. I welcome your return and to those you have brought with you, salutations.

The Demon Hunter and the Lingering Stench {Shadow Priest} (12a)

It has certainly been a long time since we perched aside the flames to talk of the shadow priest.

I welcome your return and to those you have brought with you, salutations.

This story is about the stench of evil and the lingering odour of malevolent magic.

Our shadow priest has seen a lot of destruction in life searing memories plague his salted mind.

You may remember the goblin infestation at the Academy in Ogresfield. Our young shadow priest and his belligerent actions. Brought about an early strike from the covenant.

Not without a wanting for support he made conquest against them almost single handed.

The battle in the meadow aside the village and the Goblin that took hold of the young one, one whom he thought was his friend.

Well the battle didn't end there the stench of malevolence lingers on the garments of anyone who seek to quell the flame of an internal evil.

And of course the soul energy draining in the academy of the young ones. How desperately dark, sinister and sorrowful.

You see there were some months that went by since that passed and the Goblin mage returned. Yet the malevolent magic had flushed the shadow priest mind.

The sorrowful and pitiful sights of evil incarnate had been forgotten temporarily.

The Goblin alchemist retuned his flesh white as a dove his demeanour as dark as a deep cavern.

As, our shadow priest walked the hall on his way to his next lesson of potion class he noticed a candle flickering in the empty alchemy room.

As, he neared there he noticed the Goblin Alchemist and was not afraid because he had repressed the malevolence.

Unbeknown to our shadow priest the Goblin Alchemist was collecting more ingredients for a potion to be used in the direction of evils cause.

He wished the professor a merry return, the Goblin Alchemists shadow spell cloaked his true veneer though still is aesthetic as ugly as cold gruel.

His eyes beady and with flickers of menacing evil.

The Goblin Alchemist requested such information as to if he remembered the darkness that had washed upon him those years before.

Our shadow priest young and naive remembered nothing, he believed it was a night terror.

The goblin alchemist was about to lunge for our shadow priest when he realised there was no threat the soul priests energy was not charged nor charging.

So, he exited the room and said I will be back young Shadow priest.

The boy walked on and met one of the covenant in the hall and proclaimed he had just seen the lost professor a sadness dripped across the covenant members face then a grimace of anger

and fury as the energy fuelled up in he. I must stop him screeched the covenant member and dashed across the hall with his soul energy charging and aura overwhelmingly bright.

The shadow priest remembered in that moment. He was of a young age he had barely began man hood and was frozen still not by fear but by disgust at his memories and what his eyes had had to see.

The covenant rallied and searched for the lost professor the goblin alchemist but he was yet to be found.

Later he faked his own suicide and fled out of Thornville to the lands with less surveillance and orderly society.

Yet the goblins remained. Some weeks later he was driven to a slight madness our shadow priest and was destitute with fear until he realised that there was no use having: fear.

As the only thing that fear serves to do is to create in action. And as a wise philosopher once said all it takes for evil to prevail is for one good person to do nothing.

And the shadow priest knew that he was a boy who would seek to always do what was right in the face of malevolence.

He looked across his classroom in the history of Thornville and noticed a sense of serene peace. There was not an ill word exchanged. There was kindness and adoration exchanged.

He listened to the interpretations of the students and their notions of the times past with fondness.

He released his fear and continued with his day.

When suddenly as he was going to ritual class a decrepit looking goblin came bellowing across the corridor and lunged upon him. He lashed at him with a poisoned spear head.

A signature killing method for the Demon Goblin Alchemists. He was caught of balance and they tumbled around the spear flicked through the air and landed in the cheek of the Demon Goblin.

At that moment, the Covenant and the Imperial Covenant appeared in a flash of light and dragged the squirming goblin off our shadow priest.

Another brush with malevolence another brush with death.

You see what the Shadow Priest did not realise is that when a good action is done against evil the embers of malevolence flicker and encircle you.

Any action done should be done but there is a price a hounding of malevolence not just the curse of memories and chaos magic but the hounding of the covenants of evil.

Tread lightly and take care with your actions and perhaps never let them escape. As, if they do you will be hounded, chased, and tormented.

Until you become the one Hunting!

Our Shadow Priest the Demon Hunter learnt that you must always be vigilant make friends with only those pure of soul as,

the goblins and demons lurk in the back of the minds of many and lurk as beings in the few.

Danger is everywhere for the demon hunter. But fear only will have you freeze, so in power and bravery you must believe.

Have your soul energy entwined with preparation for a malevolent strike yet enjoy the moments you have of rest bite.

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