The Beauty of Hinduism {religion series}
The Beauty of Hinduism {religion series} poem stories

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Hinduism Is it simply a polytheism? Another marmite poem of peace, equality and love. Please comment if you read as I am not sure if many will read it to the end. I seek to enlighten or sing with the choir.

The Beauty of Hinduism {religion series}


Is it simply a polytheism?

Ney, the gods form a prism.

Each a strand of Brahmans hand.

A religion older than the sands.

Of civilisation.

The Sanskrit music being a source for millennia of elation.

The Veda's much like your sage or our saints are given veneration.

There is complete freedom of worship a sense of emancipation.

One of the commonalities is that there is ultimately one god.


Each of the gods is a face or representation.

For this there is a great allure and a mysterious sensation.

Not a pantheon of angels.

But a pantheon of gods.

Under one supreme being.

So, does this mean superiority is worth decreeing?

Remember Hindu you must always seek the truth.

And in this poem, I seek not to disprove this religion.

But a tenant that anyone is superior to another.

Taints the fact we are all sisters and brothers.

That there is one brahma to as in the words of the veda.

In the essence of the truth...

The dharma

To achieve moksha...

"The unconditional surrender to God"

If when the prism of the Gods is formed.

A formless form is adorned.

Then it is not a question if we are made in his image that we are likened to God.

That our exterior makes us supreme.

Man, women, Indian, African, Caucasian.

We are all amazing.

And all subordinate to the supreme.

And this is many a Vedas dream.

Why else would the pantheon have both male and female deities.

See equality and dance like Plyades.

Its inherent in Hinduism.

All of life is part of the prism.

Ganesh is an elephant.

Does that not lament.

That there is no supreme race.

If the pantheon has animals in place.

As figure heads to make sure that the idea of equality is never dead.

We don't need the avatar to fall from the stars to realise this.

Nor the monkey king.

Hare Krishna hare ram.

We are equal and must hasten to harm.

You see I am a baha I Christian, that means I am listening

To all religions of the world the tenant I should unfurl to make things clear.

Is that in baha I we have no fear in excepting Hinduism the bhagdad vita.

Because Krishna is Jesus Christ

The avatar of the Angel of the Lord.

Before you pick up stones, let me tell you the bible is my sword.

And Hinduism is a Truth to me.

The Hindu seeks eternal truth.

Knows that wisdom can be aloof.

And must be expressed in many ways.

So then why do they sometimes not see that other religions deserve not to be pit to the stake in a brutal fiery haze!

Because they have lost the dharma and moksha is just slightly out of reach.

Because of the superiority that the politics of the cast system has to teach.

"Several paths can lead to this realization and unity: the path of duty, the path of knowledge, and the path of devotion"

Hindu you are my equal in this celestial ocean.

So, is the women, so, is the Muslim, so is the monkey, so is the elephant.

The Veda have already put this in motion.

So too the buddha.

Your cast system is warping your religion.

Warping your views.

You may seek to refuse.

To listen.

To the words of Ghandi.

But I did not!

Naraka welcomes those who feel superior.

On the tenant of not realising that there is a female god.

And that Krishna's skin is a different colour to your own.

That of which the Veda speaks that the wise would explain the eternal truth in many ways.

Is God, your brahama not wise?


So, modi gangs repent to brahama

For the sin of ignoring the fundamentals of your Hindu dharma.

Chanting death upon a Muslim.

Is chanting death upon the Dharma.

Because a Muslim too knows that you must

Achieve moksha...

'Unconditional surrender to God.'

For under God a Muslim says they be slaves.

Now look at yourselves Hindus and see how you behave.

You allow your cast system to lay your outlook to waste.

Politics I despise I hate!

You are not superior.

Muslim, you hath done the same.

Let the people of Kashmir have peace reign.

Let the woman feel safe.

Let the children of Islam not fear your flames and heckles.

Hindu see the sin that speckles.

When you ignore the basics of your dharma.

For when you face Yama.

What will you say?

You are still alive and now is the time to say...

I will listen once more to the Veda's way.

And cast the cast system away.

Let's save Krishna the trouble.

Of descending from the heavens like Hubble.

And burst the bubble.

The monkey kings Castle was always rubble.

Let's save Krishna the trouble.

Of being an avatar.

Because would his message go as far.

To reach your ears.

If he was born a dalit.

Then moksha for you is 'untouchable'.

The basic tenants of your dharma you have forgotten.

Your reincarnation is rotten.

And your transfiguration is destined for







Unless you change the course of your heart desire.

I ask not of you to recognise my Messiah.

I ask you to look higher.

To the message of equality and the end of the cast system and sexism.

For the essence of the prism of your pantheon.

So, let Ganapati be the remover of obstacles.

The elephant is not in the room.

The elephant is in the pantheon.

Do not let guilt consume you.

Those of tender heart.

Always listening to Saraswati.

The goddess of learning from the start.

Blinded by an imperfect world.

An imperfect system.

And remember if you don't treat a woman with respect.

It is a goddess who chooses where your soul goes next.


Durga Devi

Your teachings you have defied.

By allowing the cast system to continue to preside.

I am not attacking Hinduism it is Beautiful.

I am attacking your cast system.

So, simply listen.

To the basic tenants of your faith.

To keep your reincarnation safe.

Equality should reign in your polity.

As, it reigns in the pantheon of the Hindu.

You just have to see through.

The lies you have been fed.

You can change your can achieve moksha before you are dead.

Indra like Zeus

To see all religion is interlinked for a baha I is not obtuse.

Let the equality in your heart loose.

Surya like Apollo or ra.

Division of nations and time have scarred.

The FACT that we are.

All one under God.

Do not forget to utter Shivas name is to do away with all the bad vibes.

So, Hindu who is lost return to humanities side.

Hare Krishna hare ram.

Take your fellow creation by the palm.

Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder we can pray.

To the supreme being.

For all religion is decreeing


We are all one

And remember the real enemy is not the atheist but the heathen

And in the bgdad vita it says lesser goals.

I do not seek to tell you to accept Christ and your soul.

Just see we are all on we are whole.

Let's not drop the mic this time...

Let's quote a Holy book

The Hindu Bible

"The man who sees me in everything

and everything within me

will not be lost to me, nor

will I ever be lost to him.

He who is rooted in oneness

realizes that I am

in every being; wherever

he goes, he remains in me.

When he sees all being as equal

in suffering or in joy

because they are like himself,

that man has grown perfect in yoga."


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