Syria and Peace or Relief at the least
Syria  and Peace or Relief at the least syria stories

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Relief Machinations of war roar across the land

Syria and Peace or Relief at the least


Machinations of war roar across the land

Militia and military caring not when they take the upper hand

Civilian and soldiers and militia dying across the land

The children screaming peace their only demand

They know their nation will be carved into parts

For the legacy of the Israel war does not depart

There was peace and religious multiculturalism at the start

The children know not why we fight in their hearts

Yet they still perish

As the architects of war relish

On how the land will serve their economic means

While parents hold dead children at harrowing scenes

While we sit patiently waiting for peace

They must think we care the least

Oh, Syria and the Syrian people

Your country is my steeple

The time before the war

You set the pace for amore

With your tolerance of faith and multiculturalism

Those people now dead or in prison

Being baha I was my decision

The peace in faith the vision

I pray there is some culture left

After the theft

Of war

So its not at our front door

Though I implore

We should cry for peace like they do

For relief from the war

The four horses are about to ride

Unless we action our peaceful stride

To the land where peace has died

Syria the ancient buildings that stood tall

They have all been victim to the fall

Meanwhile the peace process does stall

Here the children’s peace call

They didn’t all end up at the beach.

So relief and peace we must beseech.

Give them relief if not peace.

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