Suicide awareness - #Andymansclub
Suicide awareness - #Andymansclub suicide stories

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The long good bye... When someone dies without murder.
#Andymansclub Please reach out if your thinking of suicide tell the ones you love or contact the salvation army https://www.salvationarmy...

Suicide awareness - #Andymansclub

The long good bye...

When someone dies

When someone kills without murder

And no good byes.

When people sit in wonder and question why

Why didn't you reach out

Why didn't someone beseech before you reached out for that rope.

Why didn't you see the future had hope.

This poetry is far from bespoke

There is so many suicidal people hurting on commaful today

It makes my soul writhe in a certain way

Makes me wish I could be there at their side today

To be that shoulder

As I grow older too many are lost

Too many are wondering why

Think of the cost

Depression is a menacing grasp

Like a vice that holds you

Like a vice that won't let go

Like a vice that you hold on to

Suicide is not the answer

Sometimes people drift apart

Im approaching 30

I have friends that I don't know where they are and haven't spoken to in years

But if they joined the list of long good byes

Then I would release more than a sigh

You maybe alone now but its temporary

All people are exemplary

Find your forte

Find your happiness

Rome wasn't built in a day

But your life can end in a night

Don't join the chorus of the long good bye

Have sight

That the horizon has opportunity

That the pain will subside

And if its physical pain then just have pride in your struggle

Not to say that emotional pain is less in anyway

But it subsides on a clear day

Just wait, don't kill yourself.

You are Loved.

Just wait there is more to life

I have been to the darkest pits

Just wait take a moment and sit

Think of a joyful moment

See that it is a component of your life

Know there is colossal strife

But its worth waiting until joy is rife

I'm sorry that I can't write better than this

I just want you to know there is an obtainable thing for all known as bliss

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