Storms and Qualms
Storms and Qualms  storm stories

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Intended as a gentle reminder that after a storm comes a rainbow. And that no one should feel isolated or alone.

Storms and Qualms

As the storm whistles and crackles outside. It reminds me of all those times I have tried to be heard above the storm. Those times when my warmth has been met with a cold bitter wind.

Those times when people harrowingly cackle and grin. Like the storm clears up so do those the smear of hateful words. I have witnessed so much in all my years. Pain, suffering and grief.

I like many am stricken by absence of self belief. Suddenly flashes of self realisation can occur. Beneath the thunderous stirs. In all my years I have strived to listen for the lost cries amongst the sound of thunderous skies.

As the clouds draw in and shield the starlight. I wonder in the darkness of night. Who would shield my light offer me shelter in the storm. So that when darkness comes I can merge with dawn as the stars do. Then I remember that someone is always caught in the storm.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by cackling grins, hiding your tears in the rain and screams in the wind.

Don't let your light grow dim. For the warmth and sensitivity within. Is the reason the storm never wins. Let the clouds shield your light. And hopefully we might reconcile after this night.

And if we do not and the storm continues know that someone cries with you somewhere in sinew. See through the storm believe in the goodness within you.

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