St Davids Day -(True Religious History Series)- Welsh Heritage
St Davids Day -(True Religious History Series)- Welsh Heritage  poem stories

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St David's day St Patricks day hailed by our cousins across the channel. But how many of you have heard of this Saint? Or even Wales for that matter?? Happy St Davids day Commaful

St Davids Day -(True Religious History Series)- Welsh Heritage

St David's day

St Patricks day hailed by our cousins across the channel.

For its fame, notoriety and much love appreciation we ney flannel.

For the message of Christ was all the same.

Yet here in wales we celebrate St David's name.

Adorning leeks and daffodils flowers upon our merry selves.

For St David came and saved us all from the debauchery and living hells.

Listen to the miracles and messages that this St tells

Canonised by the Pope himself.


Yet, long long before that he had blessings a plenty.

For the Lord most certainly had sent he.

As, he voyaged in search of truth a pilgrimage to see the roof of Christianity.

All the way from Cymru in the British Isles to see Jerusalem's light.

Travelling by foot, ship and horse day and night.

When he arrived he was venerated with wisdom and envy of his perilous journey.

He returned to the lands of the Welsh Celts and did ney burn they

Peoples of cymru.

Instead he endevoured to see them through the dark ages.

He sifted through the ancient pages of both the Old gods and the new.

He realised they were in sinew and devised how to make the dark skies blue.

"For I tread the path of our ancestors" he proclaimed.

Realising that all religions were the same.

And Christ the king the prince of peace would sing in the hall of the pantheon.

For the celts had many gods and one supreme being.

And now they began seeing

The good news

St David inspired monastics to choose

A life devoted to spreading the unified message of love and peace.

There asceticism there choice to live with the least.

Revered by all in poverty, for they could see the hardship they would endure to keep the message of the prince of peace pure.

There was even a proclamation in which the possessive could not be declared.

Everyone was equal things equally shared.

No matter by whom you were sired.

Vegetarianism a key teaching.

For in the land of lambs he was preaching.

No alcohol to turn the unity sour.

All were empowered by the notion of their equality.

Lest that be the reason it is rejected by the English polity.

He cared so much for the dignity and respect of all beings.

That even the ox was retired no one but yourself should work for you.

The message of slavery to the lord truly sang through.

Centuries later... Even the house of Tudor baring his wisdom to temper the savagery.

Shakespeare reminding the king of the path that be.

There was ney a more humble man.

Than St David the Welshman.

Acclaimed for saying do ye the little things in life...

Now, to speak of the miracle in which the person of faith may cite.

When teaching his message of Equal Christian under the prince of peace.

Reckoning the sermon on the mount and many more.

He raised a hill under him on the ground beneath.

With Christs message of Love.

All the while upon his shoulder sat the Dove.

And so, with this message in mind on this Holy day.

Do the little things in life...

Alleviate someone's' strife

Do something nice.

Within reach.

For St David did preach.

That with conscientiousness we can change the Earth.

We just have to start at to start with kindness and equality on our home turf.

So, give a kind word to your sister or your mother or brother.

Then a neighbour.

For if you love a neighbour and the neighbourhood is the world.

Then the true sense of Peace shall unfurl.

Interesting Fact about Wales in the area that we speak of... There are still wild horses allowed to roam. For dignity is not for man alone!

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