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"This is it be ready to do it Skip. Roll down the hill and do the kick flip.

Skip the Skater Kid

"This is it be ready to do it Skip.

Roll down the hill and do the kick flip.

Take the corner with ease and drift.

Impress them all that was your wish."

Skip born with a balance defect lifts his board.

Fly's down the hill and the youths roar.

No one would imagine this little chap could skateboard.

He rolls round down and past.

For once no one laughs.

Eyes gaze and mouths gaunt.

Then Skips fear is taught.

He bails from the board, but no one sees.

He lands on the concrete lets out a big wheeze.

His friend rolls up you did great no one can see you now get up before it is too late.

They roll up the hill pain he has still.

From the time a car nearly had him killed.

Daz asks "why the long face.

Your gonna be a legend among the youths of this place."

He turns and says "every day I hobble a little bit and have some pain."

Daz says "don't worry mate at the end of the day.

You skateboarded all the way down the lane.

Even with your balance disability and now I learn of this car's incivility.

Man, your like superman you got invincibility."

They go and lay by the tree for the rest of the day.

The morning comes flying round.

No one even mentions it not a single sound.

It turns out everyone was victim to an astound.

No one noticed it was skip among the crowd.

Just thought it was some cool kids from out of town.

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