Sensitive Eyes
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A poem that was a challenge to write about a very specific event in a manner of a very open to interpretation structure.

Sensitive Eyes

The voluptuous leaves drip shadows across the boy's brow.

Innocuous collision gripped the boy and so headaches endow.

Fortuitous happenings drift to the forest now.

To insidious vermin this boy will not bow.

Like he does in the light of the sun's rays.

Down by the dike in the forest he plays.

Psyched by the man's sinful gaze.

Incited a hatred with more ferocity than head aches blaze.

The beast creeps closer and cushions himself against him.

At least as he weeps, he pushes a spike into the one with sin.

This monster is not going to feast despite the odds grim.

He pushes a stick beneath and then wraps it around his shin.

The fiend loses his footing and falls into the autumn leaves.

The boy deemed a frittering moment to take his leave.

Joy as he escapes and his bloodied hands looking like royal red grieves.

The memory studied and cooking a feeling that aggrieves.

A narrow escape with a bludgeon to the head.

Better than sorrow and being dragged to a dungeon of the dead.

This boy loves the plants of the forest is heart as lead.

Not only because of the relief from the brightness before autumn shed.

Canopies create a curtain against the light, and he lurks in the shadows.

Set to give anyone a fright when gripped with pain in his saddening pose.

Other than the cool of night this boy's only refuge is the meadows

where ill thinking men had him in sight lurking with violence as a predispose.

This adolescent grew like a sapling to an oak.

Effervescent is a message bespoke.

The plants offered a shadow for his eyes to encroach.

The essence is that in the shadow's evil will approach.

His head already burning and soon to see.

The blazoned and dammed before he.

Casting them a way insurmountably.

Trapped in the shadows desiring to be free.

Like roots roar through stone.

He is astute not alone.

Though brutes want to grind his bones.

In the forest of sticks and stones.

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