Science explains the first Human
Science explains the first Human poem stories

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A Poem to honour the epic poem wrote in the seventeenth century on the 20th of August. This one is from the perspective of science with a unifying message.

Science explains the first Human

What if the seven days are purely metaphorical.

Some would lambast me and call me heretical.

But If we exchange what is said to be days for eons.

And replace the image of Adam with Africans instead of that of Europeans.

Then faith and science can be married and complement one another.

For ultimately science dictates we are born from an African mother.

So, then we could say that the garden of Eden is on the African continent.

for we know that man evolved there it is pertinent.

Ultimately, we all share the same ancestors when we follow the trail of time.

If we marry intelligent design with evolution is it not just as divine?

That the creation was sowed like seeds to flourish and become what it is today.

That we were set to be millennia ago, to live and pray.

Is it not just as fanciful and special that delicate effort would be taken?

To make us the sentient creature even if we are forsaken.

That diligent guidance has been given across all lands in many forms.

For many cultures had different needs and had different manifestations adorn.

Can we marry faith and religion and proclaim intelligent design?

Is it wrong to take the bible as a metaphor or was the translations lost in time?

For Africa saw the birth of man and out they walked to form the civilisation of the levant.

Know in one poem it is impossible for me to explain all theory and decant.

And perhaps I would be deemed science and the lord's sycophant.

But from this origin we alas are deemed to be unified in hereditary origin.

And it seems we are all guilty of the original sin.

So, when we look within.

And ask these questions carefully.

Adam and eve seem definitely a probability within the realm of science.

I am not asking you to leap to faith but instead to give humanity a compliance.

Your faith is your choice of course.

But Africa is the source.

And Israel is on the east of this so dubbed Eden.

Perhaps religion is now gravened

Nonetheless we can say Adam is of all of us the father.

And that Eve is of all of us the mother.

Lest we forget Mother Africa.

And humanity remains tattered with scars.

The home of Eden and humanity.

Science dictates this insanity.

My mind once pulled from left to right.

Unified humanity I endite.

Intelligent design to you does it seem alright?

"We are all someones daughter or someones son."

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