{Renga/Renku} - Rising in a Storm (Collab)
{Renga/Renku} - Rising in a Storm (Collab) tanka stories

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{Renga/Renku} - Rising in a Storm (Collab)

While chaos rages

The storm lashes out; angry

Left out, lacking peace

A swirling abyss of rage

Warning an endangered sign

Beware, burning souls

The wind's jaw grinds with hellfire

and you must fight back

Gather your wits lest you tire

Be the perfect storm, aspire

Thanks to everyone who joined the collab. And thanks for reading this was a renga; a collection of people worked together to make two tanka. This is one of the oldest forms of collabs of poetry in Japan. Have a great day!

I was wondering what people think about making the worlds longest English Renga here on commaful? We could set a world record for the longest renga in English in world history?

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