Rattling Mind - Mental Health day
Rattling Mind - Mental Health day poem stories

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A road with many barriers and blockades A place with shadows in the shade

A poem for mental health day. About how people don't talk and the feelings ferment and boil. Inspired by #andymansclub

Rattling Mind - Mental Health day

A road with many barriers and blockades

A place with shadows in the shade

A path where many have no rest yet have stayed

A place where black and white becomes grey

A path in the world where there is darkness even in day

A mind with many words yet none to say

Stuttering as opportunity is slayed

Many issues and problems are sleighed

carried in an awkward way

Days of rest yet never at play

Like a canyon closing in

Minds synapses waring thin

Stress and all that with the first light of day begin

Winning a daily battle yet the war we never win

Never to give up on a whim

Though some do as the light grows dim

To speak is a great challenge

Not many even manage

To utter a word of their cursed mind

For to the open arms they are often blind

Rattling minds and darkened times

An ill mind and an ill world

There are ups and downs and manic bliss

But never a sense of normality

Until the day that you embrace sentimentality

Appreciation of the air you breath

Appreciation of your self and to re-conceive

Your worth it please believe

Saying that

You will grieve

The lost time that you are bereaved

Take the steps to leave

your fears that seed.

Even for a head case, Little steps make a staircase, So, make a little step



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