Pollution is in convolution
Pollution is in convolution  pollution stories

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Pollution The climate reaches a new level.

A poem on global warming and working together for change

Pollution is in convolution


The climate reaches a new level

At the epicentre is the money driven devils

Caring not for the planet

So much so that they damn it

To the pollution of pernicious clouds

Vicious clouds of smog

While each human is a cog

In the machine

Yet the common man longs for green

An alternative to what has been

All the hottest days have been measured in this decade

The ozone layer is victim to pollutions raid

Is this a planet that humanity wishes to stay

What measures can we take to change global warming

Can we stop the final trumpets adorning?

Make a better world to be born in?

They reduce the theory of pollution to conjecture

Whilst we chop down the trees hectare by hectare

Burn fossil fuels yet we don't inspect

The way it effects and collects

The final seconds of earths life

That beckons all of humanist strife

With a burning sun

The planet is on its last rung

Look at what has begun

Devastating storms

These manifestations of the planet as it warns

That the balance of pollution

Is in convolution

Being green is the only solution

And its more than about the individual it needs to be every institution

In fact it should be in the constitution

Extreme weather noted as more than a nuisance

We need some cultural nuance

Accept that pollution is persistent

And bond and band together against earth desistence.

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