Please Don't Cry
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Dear child There, there child, so tender and mild. A poem I wrote for the kids from the parent. Remember you can be a big child too! Everyone cries sometimes...

Please Don't Cry

Dear child

There, there child, so tender and mild.

Don't let tears defile your smile.

You're a flower strong and wild.

Why are you not so beguiled by the life around you.

It's tough, its difficult that is true.

I hate to see you feel the way you do.

And I'm wondering when the next smile is due.

Think off all the joy to now you have accrued.

It's time to have a better outlook and attitude.

There are sweet flower scents on the air.

There are people hopeful for a better world in prayer.

There are artists, sculptors and writers exploring their flare.

There are people with nothing still willing to share.

You are not alone somewhere there are people who care.

There are circuses, cinemas, rollercoasters and fairs.

Superheroes lurking in lairs.

Sweet cuddly teddy bears.

There are endless reasons to smile.

Just wait for those moments to cry in the meanwhile.

Oh sweet, sweet child.

And if I am ever gone.

I want you to remember this one.

Dry your eyes and stiffen your lip and chin up.

Unleash the smiles and let laughter erupt.

Cause there the moments for which we should look.

No time to dwell in bitterness or sorrow.

And if, I'm not back by the morrow.

Courage you must borrow.

Cause sometimes the most brave thing you can do.

Is turn that frown upside down!

Now I don't want to hear another tear drop sound.

Cause it doesn't matter where I am in or on this ground.

I still love you Loud and proud!

So, look for the silver lining in the cloud.

Happy because of you I am endowed.

Like the twinkle of the stars in the day.

You may not see me, but the light of my love will never go astray!

So, please no more tears today...

Share this with your Child if you like. I wrote it for my kid however i think most parents feel the same.

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