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Daily I read psalms Rejoicing in clutched palms

Permit Me This

Daily I read psalms

Rejoicing in clutched palms

Some how it releases my qualms

Although then I think:

So many man be flexing arms.

So many people falling victim to the devils charms.

Christ died for the sinner that's you and me

He died so that we can be absolved and free.

Although so many dissolve gods' words and decree.

Love thy neighbour let the new covenant be.

The Samaritan wanted to see a united people

All congregating around the steeple.

Yet humanity regarding god is deceitful.

Not recognising the immaterial.

This temporal realm and temporal pleasures.

Seeking what we want by all measures.

When its jesus' words that should be our treasures.

Walking the dessert is something we all do.

Do we truly have the strength to stay true?

To pay god the worship that's due.

Are we gonna attend the pew?

Or rot in the sin that insues.

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