Permit Me This [Pt2]
Permit Me This [Pt2] poem stories

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Daily I clutch palms and pray At night, in the hope of a new day.

Permit Me This [Pt2]

Daily I clutch palms and pray

At night, in the hope of a new day.

Clarity in life is not black and white, it's often grey.

In prayer clarification comes my way.

Realising absolution is here to stay.

What a glorious god with a loving message to say.

Heaven is not out of reach.

Is what they all seem to preach.

But life is a hell, at least that's what it seems to beseech.

Although without the bitter it just aint as sweet.

A higher sense of self is not out of reach.

We just have to listen and learn what the good god has to teach.

And realise that in the church we are welcome and there is always a seat.

The real prize is how we nurture and seldom sin.

Realise the goodness that is held within.


Realise the cup can be half empty, yet full to the brim.

Optimism a glimmering hope when we hear the hymns.

The songs of praise, that we have the option to sing.

Even when we are in pain and the devil taunts and stings.

We can have the wings that permit us to soar.

When kindness is the thing we implore.

A loving god is waiting at our door.

Knock twice and he shall enter.

And soar with angels forever more.

We all have goodness at our core.

With knees on the floor.

Palms locked forevermore.

I reject the devil's claws.

And say for me there is something more...


So lets open that door

And soar with angels forever more...

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